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This daily recap took a different turn. We are exhausted.

  1. The first episode of this crowd-funded production is available for free..
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As this video shows, we are emotional. Many of us haven't seen our families in weeks. But this story must be told.

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  • So we need prayer. Some of the young actors in The Chosen tell us their favorite part about being on set, and Jesus builds a fire. The magic of a blue screen turns a shallow ravine into the Sea of Galilee and Jesus teaches a song and a prayer. Director Dallas Jenkins and producers Derral Eves, Justin Tolley, and Chad Gunderson give us a look behind the scenes of the first day of shooting and talk about the journey to get here.

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    An important day in pre-production when Dallas and the core crew sit down and read through all the scripts. The Chosen has impacted millions around the world. This is the remarkable story of how it happened. When The Chosen series debuts, we will also release a companion devotional book entitled "The Chosen: 40 Days with Jesus. But you have kept the good wine until now. And his disciples believed in him. No one in attendance except His mother had reason to believe Jesus could provide; He was as poor as anyone.

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    He was seemingly normal. Up until that moment, there was little to set Him apart from the other partygoers, which makes His mother-directed debut a precious backdrop to what followed vv. What a confusing but intriguing directive. The servants did as they were told, which included taking a glass of water to their superior, the master of the feast, who apparently knew nothing of the looming drama.

    And then at some point between the drawing and the giving, the water turned into wine. Not just any wine but awesome wine, the quality of which brought honor to the host since common practice was to serve the cheap stuff as soon as guests were too drunk to notice. The setting of his first miracle, the need in front of Jesus potential embarrassment , and His obedience to His mom were consistent with everything else in His life: He was ordinary. Jesus was born in a stable, raised by simple people, and worked as a carpenter like His dad.

    For the next three years, the disciples saw Jesus do extraordinary things in ordinary, everyday circumstances.

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    • They watched the Messiah be hungry, happy, tired, frustrated, angry, and—in the garden of Gethsemane—afraid. They saw Him love on the poor and rich alike, often using the common to display His heavenly glory, like loaves and fish, mud, waves, trees, and tombs. They learned to minister to real people with real problems, to love without prejudice, to preach the gospel no matter the conditions, to perform miracles, and to obey unto death. And through it all, the disciples followed in His steps.

      We're finally here. Around Thanksgiving of , we debuted the special pilot episode of our streaming series, The Chosen, and we asked people to pledge their interest in possibly investing in the series.

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      We didn't know what would happen, and I was for sure the most skeptical. I've been in the TV and movie business for 20 years, and by far the hardest part of making movies is raising the financing. I told the guys at VidAngel and my partners in The Chosen that this would be interesting, but if we got more than a million bucks in pledges I'd be surprised.

      O Me of little faith, huh? Within a month or two, over 10, people pledged millions of dollars, and the response to the pilot was overwhelming. The good news was people clearly wanted to see a show about the life of Christ. The scary news was now we had to deliver! Over the last 6 months, we've been buried in paperwork so we can make sure the Regulation A offering I barely know what that means, but my partners and our legal team do, so God bless 'em is all official and we can officially, formally, legally, professionally, and with great flair offer investment opportunities in The Chosen.

      As annoying as it's been that it's taken this long, it's good to know we've got such a great team making sure everything is operational. And the time has allowed us to do the work necessary to be ready when we're funded. So here's what's taken place during this process: My writing partners and I have written the first four episodes of the season, and I can honestly say I'm the most excited about and proud of these than any project I've been part of. And the response from the team has confirmed that. Tears, laughter, and even stories of reading the scripts aloud to spouses and kids and getting over-the-moon reactions.

      I promise you, this series is going to have impact. Because I believe in being authentic with you as we journey together on this project, I can also tell you that the last couple months have been among the most difficult our family has faced, physically and financially. My emergency appendectomy, my daughter's shattered collarbone and surgery, and my wife's gallbladder malfunction, along with car and dryer breakdown have, in a two month span, tested us, but we're more committed than ever to rely on God and get this thing done. Our producing team went with Rabbi Jason Sobel to Israel for research and to create some historical and biblical video content.

      We've already posted several videos here, so please check them out, they will enhance your experience with the show and your relationship with Christ. You'll also get a better glimpse into our heart for this show and why we're doing it. This is the most important project of my life, and nearly everyone involved on this project so far has indicated the same.

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      We're now at the most challenging stage, but between you and me, I'm actually excited to see what God can do. The Chosen Updates. This mega-church pastor's response to The Chosen floored us The Chosen is now free! Liz Tabish on portraying Mary Magdalene My toughest scene: Andrew gives Simon good news The Miracle of The Miracle of the Fish Inside look at a week of filming Meet The Chosen's Script Supervisor What does a grip do?

      Prepping for Mary's Shabbat Dinner Your view of a day on set of The Chosen Have you and your friends and family seen The Chosen? Miracles are personal The eyes and ears of The Chosen Were the Pharisees the bad guys? The Chosen Devotional: Jesus and Women Simon Peter had a wife The Chosen: Official Trailer 2 The Chosen returns for episodes The Chosen scene: "Now I'm completely different" The movie was adapted by Edwin Gordon and directed by Jeremy Paul Kagan,who is the son of a rabbi.

      It is also an exploration of Zionism, family traditions, soul searching, parental influence, and the pursuit of personal goals. With characterizations and a production design so skilled and so complete, there is never any question about who these people are, where they are, or even why they are motivated to do the things they do. The problem is that he wants to study psychology. Pronounced: khah-SID-ik, Origin: Hebrew, a stream within ultra-Orthodox Judaism that grew out of an 18th-century mystical revival movement.

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      The Chosen, Episode 3: "Jesus loves the little children"