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Verification and analysis for this ebook includes non-fiction sex, BDSM and related medical websites and journals. This publication contains ten ebooks which are normally sold separately. Your ten ebooks are presented in this order:.

All sexually active characters are at least 18 years of age. Frankly because of these sexual fantasies I was concerned that I might have some emotional issues, or even be "unbalanced". Then one night I found a lady that wanted me to spank her! Then I found more ladies that liked the male to pursue a more intensely dominant sexual role with them.

I retained my BDSM related knowledge, experiences and fantasies and am grateful to be able to share them with you in what has progressively become a much bigger market. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist.

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USD 9. This episode was scheduled in advance for health reasons. So, no other announcements. A post about sex blogging for ten years. Episode Page Turner of Poly. Episode the seventy-eighth, wherein the Pageist talks with author and poly person, Page Turner. I appreciate your support! Big, squashy hugs to AliceinBondageLand for basically sponsoring this episode. That code is good until the end of March. Someone in Nicaragua listened to the show. One survey response.

We had a great time and got on splendidly. The text of the book review is here. Become a patron to access bonus content! All episodes can be heard in an embedded player on this page.

8 Lesbian BDSM Novels to Curl Your Toes (and Maybe Melt Your Heart)

The code is good until the end of March. They also have a current call for submissions for asexual romance, the particulars of which are here. New countries!

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Also, lots of chemistry talk. Someone left a comment about the show on the Podbean app.

  1. The Maturing Thinker, When God Has Our Heart...He Gives Us His!.
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    We also discuss a power exchange style based on the samurai. One new Facebook like, hello and welcome to Dedria. There have been a few survey responses. It gives me lots of useful info about my listeners. Thank you. Thank you for letting me know. The website has been entirely rebuilt from scratch. Walter did it. The book contains twenty-two essays addressing how consent is not handled within the spheres of the bedroom, school, jail, workplace, home, hospital and community and proposes how we might improve communication skills in each of these areas, as well as some steps that are already being taken.

    Pieces come from an array of diverse and marginalised voices.

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    Thank you to Joanna for the generous PayPal donation last month—it was enormously helpful. Richard Carver makes high quality sex toys, art pieces and 3D models by hand out of wood.

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    Wood is light-weight, warms to body temperature quickly and can be used with condoms. His work is available at SheVibe under the Lumberjill tag. You can purchase directly from him, as well as make custom requests from his Etsy shop, Lumberjill. Thank you to the survey-responder for your kind words. The link is here. The show has a new Patreon supporter! Hey there Bednar!

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    What is BDSM - 15 Techniques Explained by NYC Professional Dominatrix

    There was one new survey response with some very kind feedback. Thank you, thank you. I talked about the incredible things various hormones can do to a person in episode Episode 36 was books I reviewed on the site prior to having the show. Rothblum and Kathleen A. Thank you to Just Erik for the audio normaliser recommendation!

    A post about the grand opening of the Pageist shop. And a link to said shop. Insert eyeroll here. A few survey responses, which are valuable and sometimes confusing. They are heroes, subjecting themselves to some seriously questionable writing and unconventional fetishes to find work worth discussing on their show. Several survey responses, which always makes my day.

    At least this is classy. Our Zazzle shop is nearly ready to launch! Just in time for the shopping season. You can help fund it here. Covering everything from common myths to how negotiation and contracts work to a wide array of actual kink practices succinctly, this one would also be a good choice for a vanilla person who was curious about what kinky people actually do.

    AliceinBondageLand joined me to talk Chastity and orgasm control , which is covered in the book. Two survey responses that I really needed to see—thank you! You can take the survey here and make my day, too! Big squashy hugs to Joanna, my first PayPal donation person! Hey lady! Much excitement! Hilarious and infuriating, it was highly entertaining, if an excellent example of what NOT to do.