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That'd Be Me. She Left. A Distance Of The Heart.

There's A Moment. You've Got The Right Man. Into The Light. More Of You. Half Past Love. Enough Enough. The Longer List. Jesus In A Drawer. Down Memory Lane. Retirement comes at an early age, and very few people walk away from the sport unscathed, as Cody Lambert, one of founders of the PBR, said.

We had watched a lot of our heroes go through their careers and have nothing at the end, and no job skills either. Stock contracting — breeding and leasing the bulls to events — can be an option.

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Last April, L. Jenkins, 28, broke his neck riding a bull named Strong Heart, ending an year career. This year, he and his wife, Christen Dye, have their own stock company and are leasing bulls to the PBR.


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A reporter asked Ms. Dye if she was relieved when Mr. Jenkins was forced to retire. I never worried. Tandy R.

Davis said, recalling one terrible night last year in Springfield, Mo. Davis after his ride. Davis tends to sits apart from the other wives and girlfriends, mostly because last year, the year Mr. Davis went pro, she was at first pregnant with Mack, and then holding Mack the newborn, a consuming situation that precluded bonding with the other women.

Davis was studying marketing and communications at Lamar University in Beaumont, Tex. He courted her with the same single-minded focus he brings to bull riding. When he told her what he did for a living, she laughed. Soon after they started dating two years ago, Mr. Davis bought a 5,square-foot brick house with white columns and white shutters on 10 acres in Buna, a traffic stop of a town 45 minutes from Beaumont. He begged Ms. Davis to move in with him, and when she hesitated, he moved all her clothes instead. Davis recalled. The house is airy and decorated in cowboy chic: plump, tufted English sofas in cowhide and leather; kitchen chairs with a Southwestern print upholstered by Mr.

He and Ms. Davis are handy and house-proud. They each have a walk-in closet; his is as full as hers. Bull riding is messy, but riders have to be clothes hounds, wearing the logos and apparel of their sponsors, on crisply starched shirts and pressed bluejeans from Ariat, say, one of Mr.

They are modern-day gladiators, challenging beasts in the arena to the roar of the crowd. We love to see them confront death because we don't have the guts to. We're too scared to speak our minds or ask someone on a date, much less ride on the back of a 2,pound behemoth.

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But we love to glimpse that hyperbolic bravery, to bathe in its electric energy. Ancient Romans bought vials of gladiator sweat and dirt to use as beauty ointments, an attempt to commune with the warrior's potent vitality. This same desire draws millions of spectators to bull riding events across America: to experience the primordial battle of man versus beast. Bull riders don't face their fears - they ride them. They crash to the ground and then dust themselves off and do it again and again.

In a world where most people his age are calling for safe spaces, Doggett puts himself into one of the most dangerous spaces on the planet: on top of a bucking bull. Meanwhile, college students are having cry-ins and being coddled with puppy-cuddling sessions because they're overwhelmed by finals. Cowboys they ain't. Bull riding is widely considered the most hazardous sport on earth, claiming more deaths and life-changing injuries than any other.

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It's 20 times more dangerous than football. Are they crazy? Why would anyone climb onto the back of a bull?

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We are fascinated by the mentality of these athletes, but we've been captivated by bulls for much longer. The earliest cave paintings depict a rush of giant bulls, dramatic images imbued with the awe of the humans who etched them 17, years ago. The sacred bull was worshipped throughout the ancient world and played a starring role in humanity's oldest known work of literature Mesopotamia's Epic of Gilgamesh. Bulls are a mythical, cross-cultural symbol for raw power, strength and virility.

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Bull riding celebrates this classic sense of masculinity, which is out of sync with today's hypersensitive culture. Its athletes value courage more than caution. Gritty and tough as nails, bull riders are the ultimate cowboys. They embrace the sport's violent physicality. Doggett is well aware of the risks, but he turns his focus elsewhere. I just try and stay positive. Born in Fort Worth and raised 25 miles away in Springtown, Doggett has been riding since he was a young child.

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My uncle rode bulls, and my whole family deals with cattle or rodeo. My dad would always buck me around my living room pretending to be a bull. Anybody who came over to the house that was big enough to put my little bull rope on, I would beg 'em to get on their hands and knees and buck me around. People quit coming over after a while. When he was 4 years old, his grandfather finally let him ride on a calf. Most bull riders start on sheep before progressing to calves, small steers, big steers, bulls and finally the big bulls. But being 4 years old and getting slammed to the ground, I wasn't certain if I was going to stick with it or not.

But the older I got, the more I got on; I knew it was what I wanted to do. Once I started winning buckles, I was hooked. His grandfather, Derwin Doggett, also worked there as arena director and is now the maintenance manager. His family has been behind him all the way, including his younger brother Dalton, who also rides bulls.

But sometimes I do better when they're not, just because I ain't got that pressure of Dad back there. He's gonna be on my butt no matter what. I don't want to say he's hard on me, but in this sport, if you're not going to give it your all and put out the best, then there's no point in getting on. You can make a lot of money riding bulls, but you can also hurt yourself or even lose your life.