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It was evident that my cabin had been appointed as a rendezvous , though I had no acquaintance with any of my three visitors. An hour later and we were in full retreat to our rendezvous in the San de Cubitas mountains.

These were to rendezvous the next fall with the Algonkins, who were already on the spot to the number of 1, Robinson Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions. RELATED WORDS assignation , tryst , affair , appointment , matinee , engagement , date , meet , meeting , hangout , venue , spot , haunt , resort , purlieu , raise , congress , muster , gather , converge.

Nearby words render , render unto caesar the things which are caesar's , render unto caesar the things which are caesar's, and unto god the things that are god's , rendering , rendering works , rendezvous , rendition , rendu-osler-weber disease , rendu-osler-weber syndrome , rendzina , renegade. People have come to know him for the warm service he provides and meticulous attention to every detail, from the tables to the ambience of the restaurant, to ensure that each customer has a memorable dining experience.

After a trip to Italy and a lifelong curiosity of cuisine and technique, Shelley Murray paused her career in education and attended culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, Texas.

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She has an impeccable eye for culinary beauty, a refined taste that can pinpoint what makes a dish outstanding or what could make it even better, and an understanding of creative networking. Her vision is that, despite the fine-dining quality of the ambience and cuisine, Rendezvous maintains its local and familial feel, giving neighborhood visitors a new experience and neighborhood regulars a place to return.

Shelley worked in the kitchens of two fine-dining restaurants in Austin and considered her culinary creations to Choose between champagne cocktails orange, grapefruit, peach, passionfruit, mango, strawberry , greyhound, screw driver.

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Olive tapenade, Green peas basilic, Lemony cannellini beans, Romesco, Eggplant caviar, Sundried tomato pesto, Soft cheese herbs de Provence. Served with bread. Sriracha aioli, bechamel, Black Forest ham, Gruyere, egg, mesclun salad. Ask your waiter about the daily selection. Olive tapenade, peas basilic, lemony cannellini beans, romesco, eggplant caviar, sundried tomato pesto, soft cheese herbs de Provence. Served with sourdough bread. Goat cheese-stuffed, diced yellow beet, walnut. Beefsteak tomato carpaccio, polenta tots, piquillo coulis.

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Cherry tomato confiture, candied fennel, red wine reduction. Citrus, cornichons, quail egg yolk. Tomato-basil sauce, cherry tomato espellette. Steamed domestic mussels du jour with french fries.

Harlem Shambles grass-fed, lettuce, tomatoes, Swiss, bacon, onion marmalade. Mixed greens, feta cheese, dried Mediterranean olives. Beer-battered tilapia, caramelized lemon, fries. Spiced seared tuna, campfire potatoes, hard boiled egg, haricot vert, Kalamata olives. Arbois, Domaines Henri Marie Tibouren, Grenache, Provence St.


Chardonnay, Fourchaume, Chablis 1er Cru. And while the world outside has changed considerably, very little has changed in that magical basement. It all started in He turned an old coal chute into a smoker to give the meat some flavor. Business was good enough, but by the late 50s, he realized he had a problem. He needed to diversify the menu.

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At that time, ribs were scrap meat. Ribs had been a staple of backyard barbecues in Memphis neighborhoods for years, but not used in restaurants. A vinegar wash kept them moist. He added paprika to give it a more traditional barbecue color. People went nuts for them. Not much has changed today. While the meat is the calling card, a big part of what makes The Rendezvous special is the experience.

The smoky aroma is grilled meat and barbecue shake. The sounds of Memphis soul and delta blues, cut with clinking beer mugs and laughter.

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The taste is perfectly seasoned southern heaven. And it only happens at The Rendezvous. Locals, tourists, dignitaries and celebrities all come down through the alley and down those steps to experience The Rendezvous. Salads, brisket, chopped chicken, red beans and rice are all on the menu too. Memphis is a heck of a place. Seriously though, if you come through town, make time for The Rendezvous.

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One slab of our world famous ribs - about rib bones on This Limited Edition 70th Anniversary short sleeved t-shirt Geno Been here 44 years. Robert Senior Not to be confused with his son Robert, Jr. Big Jack Been here since Joanna "Blue Eyes" Our first female server.