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One cannot convey this with words! Tao is the Most Subtle and Blissful! You climb it slowly, and you learn to live at its higher altitudes. You cannot simply run up this mountain eagerly. You must progress in such a way that you can integrate all of the steps of learning as you go. This requires an extremely wise form of preparation. It also requires the presence of wise companions who can help you understand what you are doing and can give you a good perspective on yourself.

The trouble with life is that all of us are continually losing our balance in hundreds of little things which almost pass unnoticed , but it is their sum total which gages both our safety and our progress. The Mind is free to create patterns for ideas and make decisions for our actions, for upon those decisions and actions lie the success or failure of our lives.

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It can be escalated to such heights that it can dominate your thinking altogether. For how else can you be separate in the universe except in your own thoughts?

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You cannot actually be separate from God. You cannot actually be separate from Knowledge. You can only hide in your own thoughts and weave them together to create a separate identity and experience for yourself which, though quite demonstrative, are in fact completely an illusion. But what God has placed within you to prepare you, to equip you and to strengthen you for the difficult times ahead is something that resides beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect, in a deeper intelligence called Knowledge.

At the surface of the mind, you are swept by the winds of the world. You are chaotic. Your life does not seem to have a true direction. You are influenced by so many things from the outside. Your life can feel chaotic, confused , disorganized, disintegrated, disregulated — however you may choose to describe it.

But at a deeper level beneath the surface of the mind, there is a greater intelligence within you. This intelligence is here to guide you, to protect you and to prepare you to live a greater life in service to living in a new world. It is a dangerous time, but for you, it is the right time to be in the world, for this is why you have come — not to hide out in fantasy , not to enrich yourself, not to pretend to be something you are not, not to live a life of avoidance and irresponsibility, but to be in the world to be of service to the world at this time, not only to meet the current needs of life, but to prepare for the future itself.

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Only Knowledge within you, the greater intelligence, knows of these things, and it must guide you in these matters. You must learn to yield to it and distinguish it from all the other voices in your mind and all the influences that pull upon you from the world around you. Maintain your distance from this ambivalence, for you are [probably] not yet strong enough with Knowledge to face ambivalence and to render your gift into an ambivalent world. Do not be ambitious in this regard, or you will overstep your capacity and will fail as a result.

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As Knowledge grows and develops within you, it will lead you into areas where you are able to serve. It will lead you into situations where you have an adequate capacity to render it. Your mind will want other things because the mind is weak and fallible. It is driven by fear and preference. But there is a greater mind within you, the mind of Knowledge. It is not distracted. It is not in conflict with itself. It is not subject to seduction by the world or by any other force, for it only responds to God.

It is the only part of you that is completely pure and reliable, and it is the only part of you that is wise. It contains your greater purpose for coming into the world, and it represents your fundamental relationship with God , which has not been lost in separations. You will just hear what you want to hear, and nothing important will have happened. But if you are ready to take action, if you are sincere, if you are capable, if you are open to this, Knowledge will speak to you - in a word, in a feeling, in a message from another person, in an insight, in a thought, in a dream, in a vision.

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In whatever avenue Knowledge can reach you at this point in your life, it will reach you. So do not imagine for yourself a role that is grandiose or that will be devastatingly difficult. That is not The Way of Knowledge. Knowledge will express itself through all of your activities, for it is a presence you carry with you. As your mind and your life become free of conflict, this presence will express itself increasingly through you , and you will be a witness of Knowledge at work, both within yourself and within your life. Become accustomed to stillness because in stillness you affirm your goodness and your worth. A mind at peace is not a mind at war. A mind at peace is not deceived by the world. Where is the cosmic Light of all-knowing, in relation to the thought-wave universe of sensing?

Where is the Source and Cause of all things in relation to the effect? The answer might be better comprehended if we think of the invisible universe of cosmic Light as the still universe of power — and of the visible universe as the moving universe which manifest power. This is a universe of Light at rest from which light waves of motion spring to manifest the power which is within Light at rest.

Whenever stillness is there God is — and God is everywhere. Whenever man desires to express power through motion, he must find a point of stillness where God is in order to express that power. Moment-by-moment companionship with God brings with it so great a realization of Oneness with Him that the transformation into that full realization of unity is apt to take place at any time.

Enfold thou me. I, my Self, am reaching out to Thee, well decentrated in thy Light. I am wholly in the Spirit. My abode in my body is far. I am in thy Light, knowing Thy Light. I am wholly Thee, knowing Thy knowing , translating the pulsing rhythms of Thy thinking into words, knowing full well that the very least of these, Thy words, will long outlive the span of man upon that now far world where thou hast again cast me for one more life of unfolding thy knowing, that Thy new Word writ through me may be another dawn for awakening man.

Speak Thou through me. Manifest Thou through Thy messenger. Upon my heart are heavy questionings. Write thou Thy answers there in Light waves which transform Thy knowing into Thy imaged thinking. It makes things happen. Love is the very center of all that moves. The truth — that love is the ultimate and the highest goal to which man can aspire. Then I grasped the meaning of the greatest secret that human poetry and human thought and belief have to impart: The salvation of man is through love and in love.

The power of any man is the measure of desire to express his divinity. Love is the movement of Knowledge. Or said in other words, love is the Will of God expressing itself through you. Here love is associated with inspiration , where the mind is infused with Spirit, where the mind yields to Spirit, where the mind is directed by Spirit. Sometimes this happens spontaneously. Sometimes this happens at a time when you are extremely disappointed, and you hear something within yourself that provides hope when you feel hopeless.

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Love is a deeper power that moves people to do things that are different from their ideas, their beliefs and their sense of obligation. Love is something beyond the love you hear about in conversations. In fact, it is better to demonstrate love than to talk about it, for real love is demonstrated.

It is what moves people to change their lives, to refocus their priorities, to associate with something deeper and more profound within themselves. It is something that has the power to override human ambition, human selfishness, human grievance, all partisan beliefs and attitudes and religious ideology. For love is not bound by these things. It is only restrained, held back or hidden by these things.

Love moves on its own accord, being associated with the deeper Knowledge that God has placed within each person. Whatever work it is, put love into it. If you do put love into it, you will find love regiven to you by it. Honesty , compassion and courage are the tree most important personal traits in climbing - or uniting with - the cosmic mountain of Knowledge, to achieve wisdom.

They correspond to: being ready, able and willing - or to: seeing, knowing and acting. Thus, Knowledge is the source of your understanding and Wisdom is learning how to apply it meaningfully and constructively in the world. It represents a relationship — your relationship with the Greater Power in your life and with Creation itself. Wisdom must be able to guide and instruct you in areas which are beyond your understanding and capacity. In the wisest person there is willingness to submit to others. And the most foolish person is always ready to stand firm to support his own ideas. The reason is that the wise person can easily give up his thought; the foolish holds on to it.

That is why he does not become wise because he sticks to his own ideas.

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That is why he does not progress. Your browser does not support the audio element. Man finds happiness only in the measure of his knowledge of God and obedience to His law. To give of oneself is to cultivate the path; to achieve inner peace is to succeed on the path.

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Peace and happiness do not come to you from your horizon, they spread from you out to infinity beyond your horizon. The whole universe is a mirror which reflects back to you that which you reflect forward into it. Love is like unto the ascent of a mountain.