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Studies shows that any degree can increase your salary , give you more job options, secure your job or help you transition to a new career. As a History major, you've undoubtedly acquired a wide-range of skills that will serve you well in many jobs. With effective research and critical analysis skills you could look outside of education to find a good job match for your most transferable skills.

If your Bachelor's in English isn't landing you that dream gig writing for the New York Times, you may want to explore other ways to make a living with your strong writing and people skills. With your knowledge of human behavior and strong data analysis skills, you could find your niche in any number of different industries. Or, coming up with ideas and persuading people to agree with you? Finding ways to explain math concepts to students that make sense to them Creating visuals of my data that are engaging and get my audiences talking Understanding my audience so I can create arguments that appeal to them and make them more likely to agree with me.

Once you have a list of concrete things you do that you love, break down the skills behind them. What does teaching calculus require, for example? What do you need to be good at to present complex information? In the list above, you can see that creativity, communication, and the ability to teach and persuade are part of multiple activities.

Once you have this list, the next question becomes: How do you know if those skills translate into a job? Put the skill on your second list together with the experience you identified in your first list.

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For example:. Your PhD program helped you develop a unique skill set that can be used widely outside academia. This article originally appeared on The Daily Muse and is reprinted with permission.

4. Drama and theater arts

It certainly helped me clarify the questions I had about life and helped me realize that there are many other people out there asking these questions. But it didn't answer the questions; I still felt confused, just less alone, perhaps.

Hmm so what were your biggest questions that you hoped to answer? I suppose: "Why does all this exist? Speaking of, were you ever worried about how you would incorporate your degree into the real world? Well, not as much as I should have been. My parents kept warning me about that. What were they saying? Did they pay for your education?

We Asked People with Useless-Sounding Degrees If They Regret Their Life Choices

They seemed simultaneously happy that I was studying something I was interested in and worried because they knew how poor the job prospects were. They'd say things like "what are you going to do when you finish? So what did you end up doing? After I finished philosophy I moved back to Vancouver and worked at Chapters. There seemed to be a lot of people there who had degrees in the liberal arts and who were doing retail. But eventually I did more university and got into a field at McGill, they had a two-year social work program, so I got into that and have been working in the mental health field for the last eight years.

I eventually did a masters at the University of Toronto too in counselling psychology. Wow you did a lot of fucking school. Yes, I did far too much. I'm actually embarrassed about having three degrees. Where a lot of liberal arts grads end up, apparently. Photo via Flickr user G. So what made you go into dance? I had done it my whole life and went to a fine arts junior high and high school.

And when I got close to graduating I still had no idea what I was going to do after high school.

I wanted to take a gap year but my dad wasn't super keen on the idea, and he would be paying for my post-secondary as per my parents' divorce settlement. Then my high school dance teacher suggested I pursue dance at the college level. Were you happy?

The most worthless graduate degree in America is … - MarketWatch

At university, no. I loved it in college, thrived even. But at university I felt lost. And I really just kept going because I was already halfway to a degree, this piece of paper that I was supposed to have. How did you feel after you got your degree? It was super uneventful. I didn't even go to my convocation.

We Asked People with Useless-Sounding Degrees If They Regret Their Life Choices

I found university to be impersonal and cold and kind of pointless. Or maybe just no one explained to me how to do it properly.

Do I Regret Getting My Masters Degree??- Learn from My Mistakes!!

Like how to pick classes and professors that were inspiring and good. Where'd you end up after?

But is it worth it financially? Will I make big $$$?

I taught dance and worked at Lululemon and saved money to travel to South America. And I did some choreography and other performing. About two years after I got my degree I went to Langara College as a "mature" student for journalism. I was I think I realized my degree—and not just mine but most people's—was basically worth nothing from an employment standpoint.

Kinda nuts that you can get a degree in this tbh. Photo via Flickr user alyssa. Knowing what you know now about degrees vs diplomas, college vs university, would you do anything differently? I think part of me is a bit sad that I didn't get as much out of university as I could have, because I am super privileged to have been able to go, and have my parents pay for it. I do wish I had pushed harder for a gap year to figure out what I was interested in. And to be a little older. Seventeen is so young to be in that environment and if I hadn't gone to college first I would have drowned in it. Even at 20 I found it overwhelming.