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Thank you Justin, I have been using the 8 and 21 EMA trend lines to identify entries but really appreciate the great insights, which you have shared. I trade a small account so can you tell me if I can apply the same principle of market mean to a lower time frame eg. The concept of mean reversion works in any market and on any time frame. Those deviations can make trading more difficult, which is why I prefer the higher time frames. Hi , Dear Justin, pretty and detailed explaination as always about indicators effects. You are absolutely right, raw price action is a basic foundation.

Good day All said on the blog cuts numbers of years struggling and blowing accounts. Big up to your trading experience. Too much clutter is not a good thing in fact its more confusing than not. Thank you for your invaluable guidance. Your experience is similar to what most traders go through.

Technical Indicators

The source of just about every indicator out there is price action. Thank you for a very insightful and detailed explanation, Justin. I completely agree with you. I was seduced by the automatic programming for a long time. I agree that a fundamental part of trading is psychology. Also it must have a well-sized account. I still have no clear ideas about stoploss. Is useful?

Having a large account, maybe you can even survive without. Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience. Whoever leaves lose.

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Who is tenacious in finding a solution won. Yes, a stop loss is very useful and necessary. Hi Justin yes I agree.

Secret Trading Indicators - how to use market breadth to forecast market direction.

I previously spent a lot of time trying to master various indicators and could not make my mind up which ones to use, but now just use a couple. Nko Nko. Thanks Justin for such info, may God richly bless you, i have just one question, what your take on Currency Strength Meter? Thanks Justin for another light. I have been using mostly Moving Averages mainly the and 34 but I am still struggling to keep a consistent gains. As per your explanation in regarding the mean if I understood right the mean in your chart should be an EMA 15?

And as a normal approach those 2 EMAs you use works better in trend markets right? Your posts and comments are helping me to tune up my trades so tahnks a lot for the time you put on this. Marcio, correct.

Visual Capitalist

I use the area between the 10 and 20 EMAs as the mean for a trending market. They become less useful when markets begin to consolidate. Is the market bullish when the 10ema is above the 20ema and visa versa?

2. Indicators Are Condition-Dependent

No, I only use them to find the mean. For trend analysis, I use price action highs and lows. Thanks Justin for confirming what I recently come to realize… I just use horizontal levels and use trend lines and dynamic levels to get bias and confluence. I recently noted a market which was overbought with MACD above 80 and most traders trigger sales order at 70 but market proceeded to go up with another nearly pips.

Honestly if indicators work everyone would be rich since they are in those meta4 platform for free. Thanks very much for this insightful piece. All of a sudden things are starting to make sense. Glad to hear that things are coming together for you. Keep me updated on your progress.

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  • Hey Justin I just read your comment here about price action. Al I see on your charts is what is happend not one in the future. If you see now a bearish pin bar on euro dollar at 1. That would be difficult, to say the least. Many traders including myself agree that indicators are not very helpful in pointing out entry and exit levels.

    4 Important Crypto Market Indicators Other Than Price & Volume

    Hence, many have recommended to incorporate order flow trading in their trading to strategies to increase the chances of success. Hi Justin Thanks for this article! Sure, feel free to browse the website. Well i appreciate your lesson and advice. But in nutshell, i had like to comment that their are many ways to skin the rabbit. But the flying devaluation comment by many traders that indicator are this or that is what i have not come to its realization. Though it could be that it is not the way i understand indicator signal that most people do.

    The major problem traders have is to spot what works well for them.

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    And the long and short of my comment is that it is not the technical indicators that are wrong but we the traders. This post is only a reflection of my opinion on the matter. Hi Justin, I very much appreciate what you posted. It is spot on for most newbies. Not all that glitters is gold! Hi Justine, Thanks for the eye opener.

    Since i found your blog, my trading experience has been transformed. I cant thank you enough. Thanks a million for what you shared with us. Thats true when they say you learn from the best people. Hie Justin.

    I have been using technical indicators and truly it has been confusing me. I believe price action will give me the results I need. Thanks for the articles Sir. I did not know to use the MA correctly until I read your article on them. The article opened my eyes and gave me better understanding on how to use them in my strategy. Thanks Justin. Please I have been loosing my investment since I join a forex market, I am a student, and I use to sponsor myself,,, but you people a making money without helping me,,,, plz I need any one of you with the good heart who can help me….

    Thanks Justin — very well explained. Can you clarify 2 things for me please:. Am I correct or am I getting something wrong.. I too have the same question 2. Thank you for asking. Hopefully Justin will respond. I have no idea when this was posted! I started trading last year in August, went through the same process of trying out every indicstor out there and kept on losing money and movey from one indictor. I decided to give it break and learn price Action for six months. Your article has greatly helped me in my journey to continue in the my search for knowledge on price Action and mastering the trading psychology which I have discoveredto be key in profitable trading So Thank you for your educative article are learning alot from you.

    Can you tell me about it? It is a wonderful read an eyes opener, had I come across you early of my forex journey it should have been an easy ride than the torture I went through wasting time,lost money and the emotionally depression that come from unfulfilled dream. Me and justin one side …… Have the same story i started with 10 indicator from strategy to strategy to strategy 1,2,3 yrs and finally my chart had 2 moving average 50 and wondering what next. But all along i know PA is the king. Hi Justin I am using Fibo extension to assist in entry areas. What is your opinion on the Fibo extension?

    Market Indicators

    I agree with you up to a certain point….. But in wave harmonics specific indicators may help you map a certain harmonic pattern. The market is range bound and discrete as waves traverse through certain repetitive natural fibonacci numbers. And only a handful that are of any use in trading. First, the Hybrid Volume Bar indicator in the middle chart window clearly shows a lack of momentum energy for the downside action.