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Coming back to the modern age, we will still find Christians like Jochen calling the Prophet P Child Molester although in a politically correct language. Basically, nothing has changed from then till today. The "Crusades" are still there although wrapped up in a deceptive way. All these are lies and damn lies. Being on the soc. And regarding, the "Crusades" they are still here but people like Jochen shed crocodile tears.

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Now one can say that Katz is falsely being accused of what he has not done! Apart from talking about the highly speculative sources of Islam, this book concludes in a fashion which is not too unexpected from a missionary:. But it i.

To use an Oriental simile is not perhaps inappropriate in speaking of such a thoroughly local and Oriental religion as Muhammadanism. Islam therefore may aptly be compared with:. That bituminous lake where Sodom flamed. Clair Tisdall describes the matrimonial relations of the Prophet P.

This is about how Mu h ammad P had 'acquired' wives as well as the issue of Zayd and Zainab. There are, however, people who have studied the life of the Prophet P as well as Islam. They do not have an axe to grind like Tisdall. Montgomery Watt after examining the various charges of voluptuousness, apart from others, heaped on the Prophet P conludes that:. In his day and generation Muhammad was a social reformer, indeed a reformer even in the sphere of morals. He created a new system of social security and a new family structure, both of which were a vast improvement on what went before.

In this way he adapted for settled communities all that was best in the morality of the nomad, and established a religious and a social framework for the life of a sixth of the human race today.

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That is not the work of a traitor or a lecher. Thomas Carlyle, who was among the first people to speak against the Christian lies against Mu h ammad P says:. Our current hypothesis about Mahomet, that he was a scheming Imposter, a Falsehood incarnate, that his religion is a mere mass of quackery and fatuity, begins really to be now untenable to any one. The lies, which well-meaning zeal has heaped around this man, are disgraceful to ourselves only.

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When Pococke inquires of Grotius, where the proof was of that story of the pigeon, trained to pick peas from Mahomet's ear, and pass for an angel dictating to him? Grotius answered that there was no proof! It is really time to dismiss all that. If we look into the skull at the front of the head, we will find the prefrontal area of the cerebrum see figure What does physiology tell us about the function of this area?

This is a region of association cortex Figure Functional regions of the left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex. The prefrontal area is located at the front of the cerebral cortex. Click on the image to enlarge it. So, this area of the cerebrum is responsible for planning, motivating, and initiating good and sinful behavior and is responsible for the telling of lies and the speaking of truth.

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A lying, sinful naseyah front of the head! Scientists have only discovered these functions of the prefrontal area in the last sixty years, according to Professor Keith L. Previous Contents Next Home Page: www.