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Thank you. What a sweetheart! I often think about how different our society would be if all kids grew up with a sibling with disabilities. Lucas has such a big heart because he has had a unique exposure and an opportunity to learn, at a young age, to accept and appreciate people of all kinds! Thank you for inspiring us all with your sweet kids! Post a Comment. FB Page. Readers' Choice Finalist. You're Following Me! Subscribe Now: Feed Icon Subscribe in a reader. Search This Blog.

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Going through Lucas' school folder I found this writing prompt he had on the th day of school. The prompt was If had one hundred dollars My sweet boy.

I love that when given this prompt the first two things he wrote about were for giving to others. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. About Me Michelle View my complete profile.

After that, anything goes! Get the point? This is a complex scenario. I needed order. I needed a compass to guide me. The classics are classics for a reason. Can you find better? The versatility that the classics bring to the table are simply too good to ignore. So, with that, the way I answered this question is I marched into my dining room, which holds hundreds and hundreds of bottles of whiskey, and I looked for the ones I purchased most.

What do I buy? Regardless of what I think on a random day, I buy certain whiskeys consistently.

And that I suppose is the best endorsement I can give. Feel free to read the background on Four Roses and watch the videos I did with Jim, the Master Distiller, a number of years ago. Four Roses is easily a top 3 distillery in the U. The way the distillery works with recipes, yeast strains, and aging philosophy is completely different from everyone else. I have a bottle or two of the Single Barrel on hand at all times. Rittenhouse happens to be a bit more versatile than most others. If you are new to rye whiskey — start here.

If you are well acquainted with rye whiskey — stay here. Rittenhouse Rye always delivers.

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Wheated bourbon north of the 10 year mark just becomes special, and Weller 12 exemplifies that. I drink it neat, in an old fashioned, a mint julep, and on ice in the heat of the summer — versatile and delicious. Availability is tighter than the others, but unlike a lot of the limited releases, Weller 12 shows up couple times a year.

Talk to your local shop, request a bottle and let me know what you think. I typically by bottles a year at my local retailer to make sure I have enough on hand. So the above are ballparks. There you have it. That is as good a recommendation as I can give. Just as importantly — tell us why.

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What to Buy. July 27, at AM. August 19, at PM. After reading your review of the epic George T. August 22, at AM. Thought you were going to make a better effort to keep this site active. Last post in April???

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This used to be the best place for Bourbon lovers to come and see great reviews from a knowledgeable and charismatic voice. Now, sorry to say, it is only a bit of a disappointment. I guess some of us viewers will have to get on the other side of the camera. Too bad! Sourmashmanifesto used to be great. August 24, at AM. Matt, I certainly have intended to make a much better effort this year and have disappointed both of us. Sour Mash Manifesto is not my full time job, but something I work on in my personal time.