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After taking off vertically and running through the basics, passengers are given control of the helicopter to complete a thrilling hover challenge.

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For those who have always dreamt of being at the helm of a commercial aircraft, flight simulator experiences teach budding flyers how to fly! Start with takeoff, cruise through the air and land at the destination. All from the safety of a simulator!

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Amazingly realistic controls, HD display and actual plane parts create a fully immersive environment. Flying Lessons If sitting in the passenger seat doesn't sound fun enough, go for a flying lesson. Flight simulations? Take control of them all. Make any special occasion memorable with these flying experiences. Commemorate someone's 50th birthday or get the ultimate Chrismas gift for her. They're the perfect presents for aspiring aviators.

Learn to Fly a Plane Take to the skies with a flying lesson. Try Out a Helicopter Ever wanted to pilot a real life chopper? Flight Simulators Perfect for Beginners For those who have always dreamt of being at the helm of a commercial aircraft, flight simulator experiences teach budding flyers how to fly! Filter 0 Results. A private pilot can fly solo or with passengers. Although a private pilot may carry passengers, they cannot be paid for their services. All expenses e. Private pilots may fly only by "visual flight rules" VFR that limit the pilot to specific weather requirements regarding clouds and visibility conditions.

An individual must hold at least a private pilot license, have flown at least 50 hours cross country more than 50 nautical miles one way to another airport as pilot in command, at least 40 hours instrument experience, hold at least a third class medical certificate, and pass an oral and flight test with an FAA examiner. Moreover, commercial pilots must be a private pilot with a minimum of hours of flying, 10 hours of which must be in a complex aircraft , have an instrument rating, be at least 18 years old, and hold a class 2 medical certificate.

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They must also pass a written examination and an FAA checkride. An authorized flight instructor may instruct private or commercial students. Additional instructor ratings may be obtained to teach instrument and multi engine flying. Be at least 23 years of age. Have a minimum of total hours of flight time that includes: hours cross-country flight time, 75 hours of instrument flight time in actual or simulated instrument conditions, hours night flight time. Contact Us. Send Mail Close. Open Monday to Friday 8.

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With that sort of pedigree, it's no wonder we boast one of the biggest and best value ranges of pilot schools in the UK. Flying lessons FAQs View Map Location. Sort By. More Info. Double Flight Experience Coventry.

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