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Besides, that stuff's mighty expensive compared to the logical alternative You better still be watching at two minutes in, because that's when somebody charges turns on the line hose with nobody on the nozzle. Because that's just not exciting enough, they went ahead and left the bail trigger open turning what's normally an instrument of lifesaving into a high-pressured uncontrollable death-wand. They start taking selfies.

Why Self-Driving Cars Keep Running Into Things

That is what the guy in the white shirt's doing around , isn't it? After a quick photoshoot, the fire truck breaks loose and starts running forward and back as though it's trying to play Whack-A-Mole with the crew on the ground. By the end all hell has broken loose Now that I've lampooned these individuals to my satisfaction, I offer some disclaimers: maybe the real firefighters in this town became incapacitated, and the guys in this video were randos who stepped up and took the rig to the scene. Maybe they're actors in an action-comedy where the Iranian equivalent of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker fight fires while exchanging "witty" repartee.

I'm sure you'll help me come up with some more excuses for these maniacs The A. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house at Valparaiso Ave. Fire Chief Harold Schapelhouman said the additional land was needed for the district to build a station similar to the one it recently built in East Palo Alto, with three equipment bays that vehicles can drive through; fire trucks at the Valparaiso station must now be backed in and out of the station.

The chief said the district used "a template overlay" for a three-bay drive-through facility to determine the need for additional property. Chief Schapelhouman said the Zillow estimate was not correct. Gaetano said that, in his opinion, the district "did really well and Zillow is not reliable and is never used for supporting data" by appraisers or real estate professionals.

Dumb Laws: Fire Truck Weight Limits - ITEA

The district paid cash for the property, with the money coming from the capital reserve fund for the Alameda station, Chief Schapelhouman said. The chief said the Alameda fire station is the district's oldest, built in It will be rebuilt after the district finishes a new station on Middlefield Road.

Chief Schapelhouman said that at least two of the district's chief officers have expressed interest in renting the new house. The house is clean and ready for someone to move in immediately, Chief Schapelhouman said. A new station was completed in East Palo Alto in It has seven fire stations and an administration and fire prevention building. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Or show your support for local journalism by subscribing.

Purchasing this land now is a smart, and strategic move to replace a fire station that will be 75 years old by the time the project gets underway. Menlo Park and Atherton could both learn something from the forward-thinking fire district, which clearly sees the big picture.

What business is the District in? The Fire protection business or the land development business. The District seems to be careening towards developing the property it recently bought in Atherton as employee housing. Where is the Board on this?

Op-Ed: Maybe L.A.'s ‘stupid’ helipad rule wasn’t so dumb

Are there any public hearings? How could this possibly pencil out as a good investment? Not one more dime should be spent on this project until the Board declares what they are doing and how and, why it benefits District residents. If the District thinks it needs housing to attract employees then offer a housing stipend or some other incentive. Public housing in the most expensive zip code in America is not fiscally responsible and sends the message the District has way too much revenue and reserves. Both the Almendral and Valparaiso properties were bought with an eye toward making future fire stations more efficient, with drive-through garages. Planning for new stations to meet a growing population is what responsible governments should be doing.

Old Fire Trucks Parade - C-K FireFest, 2018

How is that a bad thing? I think the argument that the fire district is developing property or providing employee housing is knee-jerk hyperbole. Both are modern facilities with drive-through garages, and have ample capacity for future growth and needs. The fire district should be commended for upgrading its facilities, and doing so without coming to taxpayers asking for additional moneies. Fact of the matter is, modern fire stations need more land than in the past.

Banking that land in advance is a smart move that will reduce costs in the long run. Therefore, there was no reason for the State to take any action at all. The author of the Illinois law read the FAST Act completely backwards and erroneously established weight limits for fire apparatus. Now Illinois is stuck with it.

Put the thinking cap back on and ponder some reasons why weight limits on fire trucks are bad.

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Having a hard time? Q: Are modern fire trucks really that heavy? A: Yes.

Experienced truck officers know fire trucks are the heaviest trucks in town. Q: A re fire trucks manufactured prior to this law grandfathered in? A: Nope. So now all old fire trucks exceeding the new weight limits are illegal. Congratulations taxpayers, you may now have to buy new, lighter fire trucks to replace those which are non-compliant. Q: Are fire trucks, which exceed the weight limits set forth in this new law, exempt while crossing posted weight structures? A: No, but under the old law they were exempt.