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These varieties are draped with gorgeous blooms from early summer until first frost.

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  • 550 Paracord Imperial Red w/Black Diamonds Made in USA.
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  • 1/4" Nylon Diamond Braid Rope Black Made in USA.

The Emerald Empire Collection breeding program promises the full color palette range of remarkable green-leafed crapemyrtles in each sub collection of Prince, Queen and King sizes for landscapers and gardeners to find the best Crapemyrtle to suit their space. For more information J. Berry Nursery www. Berry Nursery contact: Tamara Felux Thank you. Something went wrong with your message.

Diamonds and Mildew

If this is not done professionally it can be the difference in a job that sparkles and a job that looks bad. When prepping the home this is the most time-consuming task and must be done right. Scraping to remove old peeling paint, feather sanding of bare wood for better surface area and a smooth finish. Areas of peeling an flaking paint need to be scraped, and sanded. Some contractors will only scrape off the visibly peeling paint, this technique will not provide a lasting job. If the areas are not sanded the new paint will not stick as well.

Those areas need to be feather sanded, in order to smooth the edges, and rough up the wood to provide more surface area for the primer to stick to. Primer coat on all bare wood and other areas where paint is failing, for better paint adhesion and to prevent rust spots. Bare wood areas that have been scraped and sanded will be spot primed using a high-quality primer.

The areas that are badly chalking, meaning discolored light areas that you can touch and get pigment on your hand will be spot primed. Primer soaks into the wood better than latex paint, it creates a glue between the wood and the paint that will give you a long-lasting job. Seal nail holes, fascia and siding cracks, gaps, nail heads and around windows using a premium elastomeric acrylic sealant with excellent flexibility and performance; is the best latex choice for exterior applications.

When the prep is complete we will spray the body of the house and hand brush and roll the trim for full coverage with crisp clean lines, using only acrylic painted for Colorado's tough ever changing climate and top rated by consumer reports. Hose clean This easy-care rug will last for years, making it ideal for a high-traffic area, deck, patio or porch.

Spot clean with a sponge. Fully clean by rinsing with water and a mild detergent; allow to air dry. Fashioned of all-weather, colorfast polypropylene to shrug off nature's worst without sacrificing style. The Layla Outdoor Rug has a unique construction that uses multiple colored yarns to create a special "vintage" feel.

Black Diamond Crepe Myrtle

The use of different colored yarns means that the color is varied and not flat, which gives the rug great dimension and Patterned with a traditional floral motif, this gorgeous textile brings the beauty of hand-woven interior rugs outdoors. Crafted from premium, fiber-enhanced Courtron polypropylene, our Abbey Rug resists mold and mildew while providing durable performance in heavily trafficked outdoor areas.

Water, mold and mildew resistant. Suitable for use indoors or outside. This easy-care rug is powerloomed using polypropylene to create a nice flat-weave texture that retains its colors and design season after season. For indoor or outdoor use The braided construction of this all-weather rug makes it exceptionally durable in high-traffic areas. Edges are finished with coordinating color. Fade, stain and mildew resistant.

Paracord Diamond Nylon Mil Spec Parachute USA rot mold mildew UV

Spot clean or vacuum with hard surface attachment only if needed. Add an outdoor rug pad for Hand-hooked of soft yet durable fiber-enhanced Courtron polypropylene, this rug is designed to last for years, whether indoors or outside. Provides durable performance in high traffic areas. This easy-care rug is powerloomed using polypropylene to create a flat-weave texture that retains its colors and design for many years. Hose clean.

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Embellished with tradition scrollwork and floral patterns, our Labelle Rug makes a gorgeous addition to your outdoor space. In a subtle palette of pure white and blue, it blends beautifully with an array of decor styles. Hand-hooked of fiber-enhanced Coutron polypropylene fibers for all-weather durability and supreme softness underfoot.

Cocktail - Diamond ice

Durable fine-spun polypropylene fabric withstands fading, mildew and wear to deliver underfoot comfort season after season. Extends indoor luxury living to contemporary outdoor spaces without sacrificing style. Two-tone outdoor rug offers underfoot comfort. Colorfast fibers resist fading for enduring appeal. Mold and This easy-care rug is powerloomed using polypropylene and given a vintage weave to create an antiqued, pre-worn look and texture. Add an outdoor rug pad for increased water This orderly procession of elephants civilizes the outdoors and indoors with its warm colors and smooth feel.

Machine-loomed structured flat weave.

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Polypropylene fibers are resistant to fading, mildew and mold. Cocoa and black color combination. Use mild detergent for hard to remove stains. This resilient, easy-care rug will retain its color and texture year after year, whether used indoors or out. Spot clean spills with a clean, soft cloth.

Treat stains with mild This geometric textile combines old-world felting with all-weather durability.

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  4. It has been crafted from polyester fibers, which are blended and layered by hand, then mechanically interlocked with precision needle-punching and, finally, coated with durable, natural latex to withstand the elements. The result is a striking colorfast rug that will look great for years either inside or on a deck.

    The patented Lamontage process combines handmade artistry with The easy-care, flat-weave rug shrugs off natures worst without sacrificing style. A scrolling leaf design juxtaposed with a crisp hexagonal pattern creates the handsome design.

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