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There were no witnesses, and Normand was the last person known to see him alive. Normand had a substance abuse habit and there were theories that Taylor's attempts to clean her up may have been a motive. When police searched his house, they found love notes from Minter , as well as a nightgown, and later discovered she had once tried to end her life with a gun that resembled the one used on Taylor.

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Shelby was said to be opposed to any relationship that may have been budding between her daughter and Taylor. There's no known motive for Gibson having slain Taylor, and the case remains unsolved.

When Gibson confessed, she was going by the name Pat Lewis, and during her time in Hollywood, she'd been in trouble with the law. But aside from her confession , there is nothing linking her to the incident. In , an anonymous woman hired a lawyer to negotiate selling some antique clocks and watches that her late husband had collected over the years. The two had a brief love affair, but she moved to the United States and married someone else. They met up regularly in Tel Aviv and Europe. The watch took over 40 years to complete and wasn't finished until , long after Antoinette's time.

Diller had been questioned at the time of the robbery, but there was no evidence he'd committed the act. Nili Shamrat was arrested for possession of stolen items, convicted, and sentenced to probation and community service. However, Canadian judges refused to honor the extradition because the man was too old. They also thought that a trial was unnecessary because the murder would have remained unsolved if the man had not confessed.

In , British police found the remains of a gruesomely murdered woman in a flat in Cardiff, UK. The woman had over 50 stab wounds on her body. She was later identified as a year-old prostitute called Lynette White. However, they were released two years later after advancements in DNA technology proved they were innocent. A few years later, police turned their radar on a man called Jeffrey Gafoor.

DNA tests soon proved that Gafoor was the real murderer. In , the year-old Gafoor somehow realized that he was under police surveillance. He visited several stores where he purchased large amounts of paracetamol tablets. He swallowed the tablets when he returned home that night. Police broke into his home at that moment and arrested him.

The Most Shocking Deathbed Confessions (r/AskReddit)

Gafoor confessed to the murder as an ambulance transported him to a hospital. He added that he had been awaiting capture for 15 years and really wanted to die. Gafoor was already convulsing when he arrived at the hospital, and for once, it seemed like he was really going to die. That never happened, and he went on to make a full recovery. Gafoor did not recant his confession. However, he said he was no longer interested in dying and was prepared to face the consequences for his action. He added that he had previously considered death to discover if God and the devil really existed. He received a life sentence and had to spend 13 years in prison before he could be considered for parole.

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However, he is still in prison as his parole requests were rejected in and He is eligible to file a third parole request in In , a cancer patient at Auckland City Hospital in New Zealand informed a doctor that he had some confessions to make. He added that he would only disclose the information on the condition that the doctor promise never to tell anyone else. The doctor agreed. The unidentified doctor later encouraged Shaun to write a confession for the police in case he died.

It is unclear if Shaun wrote that letter.

10 Deathbed Confessions And Conversions That Went Horribly Wrong

The doctor kept the secret anyway. However, police learned about Shaun after several medical and law researchers published a paper discussing the moral and legal consequences of keeping such secrets. The paper generated a controversy that split medical practitioners into two groups. One supported the doctor who kept the secret, while the other wanted the doctor to reveal it. The supportive group noted that secrets should never be revealed because they are considered a sort of bond between doctors and their patients.

He was able to walk and eat—two things he could not do before the confession. His health also improved significantly, and doctors even had to reduce the amounts of painkillers he received. In fact, Shaun was discharged and sent to a nursing home for palliative care, which is reserved for dying people.

Doctors consider patients in palliative care to be terminally ill. Their care is focused on making their deaths less painful. Shaun later died.

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Bjorn Ironside is a legendary figure, although his existence remains in doubt. He was supposedly a Viking king who ruled what is now Sweden sometime in the ninth century. He also doubled as a raider and frequently organized surprise attacks into cities that would now be located in Europe and North Africa. One of his most infamous raids occurred when he partnered with another Viking called Hastein to attack the Italian city of Luni, which they mistook for Rome.

The raid started with a siege. However, the duo quickly realized that the city was well defended against assault. So they decided to trick their way in. Sources say that either Bjorn or Hastein sent a message to the local bishop in Luni, claiming that Bjorn was on his deathbed and wanted to convert to Christianity. Other sources say that Bjorn actually feigned death and had requested a Christian burial earlier. Once there, Bjorn leapt out of his coffin and fought his way to the city gates alongside the Viking soldiers disguised as pallbearers.

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  • However, they soon realized that they had attacked the wrong city. Charles Darwin died in April Soon after, there were rumors that he had converted to Christianity just before his death. The first such claims were made during a sermon delivered by one Mr. The theory pitched him against religionists who believed that God had created the world and everything within.

    This is the creationist theory. The creationist and evolutionist theories cannot both be true—at least not totally. One has to be false or only partially true for the other to be true.

    Man recovers after 'deathbed' murder confession

    Elizabeth Reid Cotton aka Lady Hope reignited the rumor in when she declared that Darwin had really converted. Cotton claimed that Darwin was reading a Bible when she visited him at his home. Darwin was gravely ill at the time and bedridden. Cotton added that he had told her to return to share a sermon with the servants in his home. His daughter Henrietta was with him at the time of his death and never saw him convert.

    His wife, Emma, added that he would have never converted. While they agreed that Cotton did visit Darwin, they said that it was seven months before his death.

    Deathbed Confessions and Conversions. Bible study on deathbed confessions.

    Darwin was not bedridden at the time. King Louis XV was one French king with great taste in women. He became king at age five and married his wife, Queen Marie Leszczynska, when he was just He soon got tired of the queen and found several mistresses to satisfy his sexual urges. King Louis XV had his mistresses live in the same palace that he shared with his wife. The mistresses used that staircase whenever the king requested their services.