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Back to top Home News U. The episode brought home to me what I see as the major problem with modern medicine. This realisation spurred me on to find a way to give people the benefits of the kefir in skincare, but in a product that smelled better and was easier to apply.

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After many failed experiments, I got it right. His stubborn eczema completely disappeared. Numerous scientific studies have started to show that our microbiome — the complex combination of microbes that live in our gut and on our skin — has a profound influence on our health. Far from being separate to us, our bodies and our microbiome work together, having a significant effect on how we develop, which diseases we catch, how we behave, even what we choose to eat.

And there are certain micro-biome patterns associated with obesity or irritable bowel syndrome.

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So, what causes damage to the microbiome? Diet has a big role to play and one of the key culprits is sugar, which feeds the bad bacteria and allows them to become dominant. But stress, which leads to less diversity of bacteria, and antibiotics and antimicrobial products, which wipe out bad and good bacteria, are also part of the problem. This damage can then show itself in a number of different ways, from skin conditions, food allergies and IBS, to rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and even anxiety or depression.

The Crisis Called for Goats

But traditional remedies for these conditions — painkillers, antibiotics and steroids — will just damage the microbiome further, making it worse. It might just work for you.

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Play with your pets, go for a muddy walk or take your children to visit a farm. Nature is packed with microbes you need to boost your immune system. Instead, look for probiotic cleansers, which will clean and fill the space with good bacteria. Ditch the sugar. I use a sugar alternative called Stevia. This gives the good bugs in the kefir the clearest possible run at your gut. Offer valid until February 16, The eating, sleeping, and exercise patterns of the tech world's top executives vary from the extreme — Dorsey eats once a day and eschews food almost entirely on weekends — to the surprisingly every day: Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos both insist on doing the dishes.

The Twitter CEO frequently talks about his bizarre lifestyle and health habits, which have prompted a range of reactions from raised eyebrows to harsh criticism — and have garnered a following which The New York Times' Nellie Bowles described as a personality cult. Source: New York Times. The Twitter CEO's revealed details about his eating habits on a podcast with Ben Greenfield, a fitness influencer who has tweeted anti-vaxx messages.

Traditional Konso Culture and the Missionary Impact - Persée

It prompted some critics to say that Dorsey was promoting eating disorders. Dorsey has also experimented with veganism and paleo diets in the past.

Source: Business Insider. It's a mixture of water, Himalayan salt, and lemon, and according to the New York Times, it's available in Twitter offices the world over. Source: CNBC. Dorsey has been using saunas and ice baths in the evening since circa — sitting in a barrel sauna for 15 minutes, then transferring to an ice bath for three minutes. He repeats this three times, finishing up with a one-minute ice bath. I don't go to a gym," Dorsey said in his podcast appearance. He tweeted in early that he spent 10 days in intense Vipassana meditation.

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Later that year, he faced fierce criticism when he tweeted blithely about a meditation retreat in Myanmar and encouraged others to go at the height of the Rohingya crisis. Musk revealed in that he sometimes needed Ambien, a sleeping pill, to get to sleep. Sources: The New York Times.

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In a interview with Auto Bild, Musk said he sometimes has time for an omelette and a coffee. Source: Auto Bild. He told Auto Bild that there were times when he was drinking eight a day, but added that he was trying to cut down. Musk's favorite character in "Overwatch" is Soldier 76, which he revealed to Business Insider's Dave Smith as his "dark secret. Playing as Soldier 76 is a "dark secret" because the character is considered a bland and uninteresting choice by many players of the game. The Apple CEO goes to a private gym at 5 a. Cook said he spends the first hour of his day reading user comments and emails, to "focus on the external people that are so important to us.

If he's to get seven hours of shuteye before 4 a. For Bezos getting eight hours of sleep is a top priority. The Amazon CEO also doesn't use an alarm clock, and eschews early morning meetings. Bezos has been known to favour some pretty strange dishes. Source: Recode.

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The image became a meme now known as "swole Bezos.