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You know, if the bugs hadn't tried to give Spike some happiness, just a tad of sunshine, then this whole amphibapocalypse could have been avoided. Also, I think I prefer frogpocaplypse. I liked to see some of Spike's soul searching. I feel like it's been a while since we've been in his head.

Spike: A Dark Place by Victor Gischler

I also liked the part where one frame he was asking what you're supposed to do now? After asking himself a bunch of philosophical questions. And in the next frame he's chugging down a bottle of whatever, on the dark side of the moon. I mean, of course that's where he'd go.

Guy Scooby. The main story is kinda dull But the bugs are freakin' great! I could barely finish this. Thin plot, pointless flashback, the old IDW stand-by of having some skanky badgirl hang around Spike for 'reasons'. You should be able to do so much more with a 5 issue arc devoted solely to one character, but by this point it's clear they don't don't know what to do with Spike away from Buffy Last edited: Aug 11, Guy said:. I think the character arc IS resolved. Spike's arc in season 9 is about learning to take charge of his life without a woman to obsses over.

And this mini-series concludes this arc with a bow, as he turns down what's-her-face and resolves to go on with his life, instead of running directly back to Buffy even when he DOES eventually come back to San Francisco, it's for Dawn, not for Buffy. I love whiny! Spike remember 'Lovers Walk'? I don't think he was out-of-character in it.

And in season 10, we see that Spike really did learn from season 9, and specifically from this mini-series, as he is no longer blindly obssesed with Buffy. In season 10, Spike is capable of making his own independent decisions, and is not just Buffy's shadow anymore. He's more equal to her.

Buffyverse Season 9 Spike: A Dark Place; Spike and Sebastian

A different kind of desperate? This isn't that guy, this is the guy from S5 Angel, the guy who comes in when Angel is doing something genuinely important, snarks at Angel to annoy him, calls him a Nancy boy or whatever and is ultimately inconsequential to the resolution of that plot.

How he would never dream of 'almost' wishing he didn't have a soul because he thinks Buffy liked him better that way. There was a lot of volcanic level of hatred by Spike-fans for CG and also despair when it was announced that he was going to write Buffy S10 which is of course now completely gone and he's now a magnificent writer But I don't think it was out of character either, I just think it goes against what we see here.

Thank you. And I really don't see Spike as an equal in S10, he just doesn't hopelessly stalk Buffy anymore. But he's still in love with, still obsesses about a life with her, still believes that he could be what she wants and wants to be with her. It just manifests itself slightly differently. That's not really an arc because Spike doesn't move on, he just changes his mindset.

Spike will always be Love's Bitch and therefore will never be Buffy's equal. I was OK with it because I thought it was fun I enjoy whiny! Spike , and because his arc continued properly once he got back to the 'Buffy' title. I enjoy AtS season 5 Spike too "I'm his date". And it's not all that different from 'Lovers Walk', really - In both cases, Spike is snarky toward Angel and resentful about a recent break-up. Well, some people idealize Spike too much, and some people demonize Spike too much.

I like to think that I'm somewhere in the middle - Spike is one of my top favorite characters, but I think he's a very flawed person. I mean, if he wasn't so flawed and human, I wouldn't be so interested in him. And the "cheating on Buffy" accusations are obviously ridiculous.

Also, I really liked how Gage reacted to that controversy in season 10, like when Buffy sees that Spike slept with Harmony and is all pissed off. Jealous people are funny to me. I mostly agree, but I'm OK with it. People regress sometimes, especially when they meet with people they haven't met in a long time. It was just 2 issues and change, and he got right back on track after returning to 'Buffy'.

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I disagree. The last issue of this mini-series is a resolution in and of itself. Not an especially entertaining resolution, but a resolution. Not really. Spike stayed because there was a big fight in Santa Rosita and he was needed there. And then he stayed to help with the vampyr book, and he got himself a job with the supernatural police unit. It's not like he was just there to be Buffy's shadow again. Spike still loves Buffy, of course, and he still wants to be with her which does NOT contradict this mini-series!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike, A Dark Place (Dark Horse) Review

This mini-series wasn't about Spike no longer loving Buffy, it was about Spike growing out of his obsessive tendancies. He still loves Buffy, but she isn't his whole world anymore , but he isn't blindly obsessed about her anymore. He has his own desires and his own interests and he seeks them out. And when Buffy treats him like crap near the end of the season, Spike says they should break up.

That's a HUGE difference from who he was before. In the end, Spike and Buffy seem to resolve their issues in season 10 I still haven't read issue 29 of season 10, so no spoilers please! That all change when Buffy's story continued in the Season 8 comics, and so Fray was written into Season 8 with a pretty significant role.

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Some fo the stories feature Slayers from the television show, including the First Slayer and Nikki Wood, and others introduce new Slayers. The frame story sees an ancient, imprisoned vampire telling tales of his kind to young watchers in training. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 is the series that launched the Buffy comics boom that continues to this day.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 takes place one year after Season 7. Buffy is now leading an army of the Slayers she awoke using the power of the Scythe. Things are going pretty well until she's challenged by a powerful and mysterious new enemy called Twilight. Fans may also notice that the monsters and battles got significantly larger since Whedon no longer had to worry about the budget. Dark Horse would continue using the season structure with Buffy going forward, even taking an "off-season" between each.

That may make it seem daunting to jump into current continuity, but each new seasons' beginning serves as a great jumping on point. Both Season 10 series deal with the impact of the return of magic to Earth. Faith, meanwhile, embarks on a quest of self-discovery. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11 is the currently ongoing season of Buffy. The first issue hit stands in November