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We offer Bloodstone earrings, necklaces, pendants, anklets, rings and sometimes even cufflinks. Larger chunks of Indian Bloodstone are harder to find, but we do get in polished balls, slabs and figurines from time to time. Some will show more of the red and others will be a lighter green, so if you do see one with a rich green with the red speckles, I'd jump on the opportunity!


Bloodstone has long been crushed into a powder for its magical, medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. To create the best powders, the best Bloodstones are used, so this makes the best pieces more limited in the gem market. If you choose a Bloodstone in your crystal divination practices , you will be lead to issues of the heart.

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Depending on the question you had for your session, you will be asked to think about the wellbeing of your heart vs the emotional health of others around you. You don't want to get taken advantage of, but you also don't want to be cold-hearted.

Bloodstone Meaning and Use in Feng Shui

With these thoughts in mind, working with Bloodstone energies will help you to trust your own heart and let in only those who enhance its energies. If your Bloodstone is more red than green, you may be dealing with issues of anger and resentment. Dwell on the core reason for your anger. Is it really someone else's fault?

Once you get over the blame game, you can come to terms with your own emotions and control your own reactions to the situation. Use Bloodstone to alleviate this burning flame. How have you used Bloodstone in your healing work? Have you placed it in your wealth corner? Do you wear Bloodstone jewelry? What is Bloodstone? Why is Bloodstone called Bloodstone? What does Bloodstone represent? What Color is Bloodstone? Sheila's Personal Experience with Bloodstone Bloodstone is a sacrificing stone. What are the Metaphysical Properties of Bloodstone? Bloodstone is a stone of courage. What is Bloodstone Used for?

Keep Bloodstone in your wealth corner to retain the wealth in your life. Wear and hold Bloodstone to cope with the loss of family, friends and pets. Through the releasing of grief, Bloodstone lets you move past the pain. What chakra is Bloodstone good for? The bloodstone also has grounding and purifying properties. Because of its ability to ward off negative energy and purify and cleanse the energy around it, the bloodstone is considered very protective.

It can strengthen the immune system, help invigorate the blood, and energize one's life.

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Along with its abilities to increase the positive energy and bestow strength, bloodstone also helps develop and follow one's intuition. One of the very popular uses of bloodstones is for clarity and a grounded type of creativity, a type of sustained inventive energy that is consistently put into practice. When worn as jewelry, it can activate and balance the flow of energy in one's physical body. Bloodstone can also be helpful in times of confusion and low energy because it can help infuse one's energy with calm clarity and renewed energy.

Many crystal healers use bloodstone as an aid in purifying the blood and detoxifying the liver, spleen, and kidneys. This stone is found in abundance and is thus very affordable and readily available online or from crystal specialty shops. Bloodstone invites the wisdom to know when to withdraw from specific situations, and when to keep persevering. Light Golden-Yellow. Light Grape Purple. Light Grape Purple-Pink. Light Grayish Pink-Violet. Light Grayish Purple. Light Grayish Violet. Light Grayish White.

Light Green. Light Green Blue. Light Green White. Light Green-Blue.

Bloodstone Crystal

Light Greenish Blue. Light Greenish White. Light Greenish Yellow. Light Grey. Light Grey Green. Light Greyish Purple. Light Hazel Green. Light Honey Yellow. Light Hot Pink. Light Iris. Light Iris Violet. Light Laguna Yellow. Light Lavender Pink. Light Lemon Yellow. Light Lilac. Light Lime Green. Light Lively Green. Light Magenta. Light Maya Blue.

Light Merlot Red. Light Mint. Light Mint Green. Light Mocha. Light Moss Green. Light Navy Blue. Light Neutral Brown. Light Orange. Light Orange Red. Light Orange-Gold. Light Orangish Pink. Light Pale Purple. Light Peach Orange. Light Peach Rose. Light Peachy Golden. Light Peanut Brown.

Bloodstone Meaning

Light Pear Green. Light Pine Green.

Pear Green Bloodstone

Light Pineapple Yellow. Light Pink. Light Pink Bubblegum. Light Pink Tone. Light Pink-Violet. Light Pinkish Purple. Light Pinkish Violet. Light Pinkish Violet Purple. Light Prussian Blue. Light Purple. Light Purple Grey. Light Purple Pink. Light Purple Violet.