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With both Azor and the Grey King, this transformation process seems to have been initially triggered by the moon meteors, the more literal manifestation of the fire of the gods. In the Grey King myth, it is the thunderbolt which sets the tree on fire. If the burning tree represents the weirwoods and the thunderbolt represents the meteor fire from heaven, we are left with the idea that the meteor impact had some effect on the weirwoods, and that it enabled the Grey King to obtain the divine fire.

Most of all, the burning tree represents the weirwoods in an activated state which can transfer the fire of the gods to man. We know that to attain this weirwood fire, the greenseer must join himself to the tree, so really we can say the burning tree in the Grey King myth represents the tree joined to the greenseer.

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Game of Thrones 8x04 Rhaegal Death Scene - Euron kills Dragon #2 and shoots at Drogon

They are two different ways of getting at the same idea: a fiery sorcerer merged with a tree. Because these fiery sorcerers and dancers always appear right when Lightbringer is forged, we can deduce that they are an important part of the larger Lightbringer picture. The hallmark of all of these fiery sorcerers and dancers awoken from trees are robes of red, yellow, and orange fire, and sometimes smokey cloaks. We got both the fiery dancers and sorcerers in this one.

Last but not least in that scene, Dany saw the reborn spirit of Drogo rising through the flames, an he was wearing the familiar fiery regalia:. Those burning gods were wooden ones, made from the old wood of the masts of the ships which first brought the Targaryens to Dragonstone.

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The fact they are not only burning wooden ships, but burning wooden gods spells out the idea that they posses the fire of the gods, as the Sea Dragon and burning tree of Grey King mythology do. And indeed, the burning statues of the seven are made from masts, and are thus also symbolizing trees — burning trees, like the one in the Grey King myth which really refers to the weirwoods.

To make matters worse, Stannis literally pulls Lightbringer from the burning wooden sea dragon gods, clueing us in to the idea that all of this is tied to Azor Ahai and Lightbringer… the other form of the fire of the gods. These first two scenes — the Alchemical Wedding and the burning of the Seven — are probably the most vivid and complete Lightbringer forging metaphor scenes in the series to date, and they both contain clear depictions of our fire sorcerers emerging from burning wood.

The soldiers were depicted as having fiery armor and swords, while the flames themselves were personified as people, dragons, fiery fingers, and the like. The payoff line was:. Jon went to cut more branches, snapping each one in two before tossing it into the flames.

The tree had been dead a long time, but it seemed to live again in the fire, as fiery dancers woke within each stick of wood to whirl and spin in their glowing gowns of yellow, red, and orange. This quote is especially notable for its flagrant incorporation of resurrection into the mix — the tree had been dead a long time, but seemed to live again in the fire.

Sam was red-eyed and sick from the smoke. When he looked at the fire, he thought he saw Bannen sitting up, his hands coiling into fists as if to fight off the flames that were consuming him, but it was only for an instant, before the swirling smoke hid all.

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In fact, the burning scarecrow brothers are tremendous symbols of burning tree people in their own right: they are made of wicker and straw, and they are mounted on a vertical wooden pole. This scene is in many ways a mirror to the alchemical wedding, so it figures to see fiery sorcerers here. The fire burned away my hair, but elsewise it did not touch me. That much she could recall, though much of what followed was a haze. So many people, screaming and shoving.

She remembered the dragon twisting beneath her, shuddering at the impacts, as she tried desperately to cling to his scaled back. The wounds were smoking. Dany saw one of the bolts burst into sudden flame. Another fell away, shaken loose by the beating of his wings.

Below, she saw men whirling, wreathed in flame, hands up in the air as if caught in the throes of some mad dance. They did not come even that far however, for the first of the dragons went up in flames in the kingwood, far from the Boneway. Soon all seven were burning. Hundreds of men burned in those fires along with almost a quarter of the kingwood. Going further, the trees in the kingswood belong to a dragon king, just as the Grey King is a Sea Dragon King and possibly Azor Ahai himself.

Though his grace built a huge fleet, thinking to succeed as Daeron the Young Dragon had done, it was broken and scattered by storms on its way to Dorne. Last but not least, the idea of the dragon trying to attack Dorne with these various symbols of the sea dragon and the thunderbolt works as a parallel to the idea of the Hammer of the Waters moon meteor striking Dorne.

At the end of his life, Aegon sounds a bit like a greenseer chained up to the weirwood roots:. He was grossly fat, barely able to walk, and some wondered how his last mistress—Serenei of Lys, the mother of Shiera Seastar—could ever have withstood his embraces. The king himself died a horrible death, his body so swollen and obese that he could no longer lift himself from his couch, his limbs rotting and crawling with fleshworms. Besides the grossly fat thing, Aegon seems to be symbolizing a greenseer like Bloodraven. All of this — the parallels to a greenseer chained to a throne, the simulation the Grey King myths in his attacks on Dorne — seem to act as corroboration that the Grey King was indeed a dragon person, which is another way of saying the Grey King is either Azor Ahai or one of his kind.

Aegon the Unworthy also gave birth to the line of rebel dragons known as Blackfyres when he gave the sword to Daemon Waters, who became Daemon Blackfyre. Moondancer fairly literally drinks the fire of Sunfyre and gains the stigmata. Once again we see that the weirwood tree symbol is created when two things merge together — sun and moon, greenseer spirit and tree.

And once again, the fiery sorcerer seems to be Azor Ahai reborn in this scene. The stigmata and the fiery robes both imply transformed moondancer as entering the weirwoodnet. We might even find ourselves lost in a dark forest if we are not careful.

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Rhaegal the green dragon is named for Mr. I would name them for all those the gods have taken. The green one shall be Rhaegal, for my valiant brother who died in the green banks of the Trident. Rhaegar is of course a prime symbol of the black dragon aspect of the Azor Ahai reborn archetype, so the idea of him being reborn as Rhaegal suggests Azor Ahai being reborn as a green dragon, whose awakening is like thunder.

The rubies are sometimes pulled out of the water, it should be noted, just as the Ironborn myth implies that they harvested meteor stone from the sea, perhaps in the form of the Seastone Chair itself. The giving of the prophecy of the Stallion Who Mounts the World starts is a big Rhaego scene, but it starts with Dany. This is her weirwood stigmata scene. Check her out as a pregnant moon full of moon blood:. Her handmaids had helped her ready herself for the ceremony.

No steel was permitted within the sacred confines of Vaes Dothrak, beneath the shadow of the Mother of Mountains; she had to rip the heart apart with teeth and nails. Her stomach roiled and heaved, yet she kept on, her face smeared with the heartsblood that sometimes seemed to explode against her lips. Bloody hands and mouth, just like the weirwoods Eating flesh and drinking blood, just like the weirwoods.

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And finally it was done. Her cheeks and fingers were sticky as she forced down the last of it. Only then did she turn her eyes back to the old women, the crones of the dosh khaleen. A prince rides inside me!

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She had practiced the phrase for days with her handmaid Jhiqui. The oldest of the crones, a bent and shriveled stick of a woman with a single black eye, raised her arms on high. The prince is riding! The eunuchs who served them threw bundles of dried grasses into a great bronze brazier, and clouds of fragrant smoke rose up toward the moon and the stars.

The Dothraki believed the stars were horses made of fire, a great herd that galloped across the sky by night. As the smoke ascended, the chanting died away and the ancient crone closed her single eye, the better to peer into the future. The reference to the smoke rising to the stars and moon seals the deal; this is definitely a ground zero, impact-zone bonfire, the ones which clouded the sky with smoke during the Long Night.