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Anittas, meanwhile, betrays Nevis, releasing several of the ship's macroscopic bioweapons, including acid-spitting "hellkittens"; hyper-aggressive, carnivorous, bat-like creatures; spider-like, unimaginably sharp-edged organisms known as "walking webs"; and a T. Furious at his treachery, Nevis kills the dying Anittas.

Meanwhile, Waan, Lion, and Tuf have found the armory, but have split up due to disagreements on leadership. They quickly discover that the air is poisoned with various plagues, which Waan determines using one of Tuf's cats, Mushroom. Tuf recognizes that Mushroom is infected by the plagues and is dying, and kills him gently, preventing Mushroom's further suffering. He discovers the cloning room of the seedship, and clones Mushroom using the ship's equipment, naming the new cat Chaos.

What Do the Amish Believe?

Waan is found by the hellkittens, which spray her with acid and corrode her helmet, impairing her vision. Disbelieving Tuf's warning, she takes her helmet off and contracts a plague. When the hellkittens return to eat her, she is not only weakened by illness but unprotected by her helmet. Though mostly paralyzed and dying, she manages to activate a grenade, destroying herself along with the hellkittens. Lion, meanwhile, sets a trap for Nevis in a corridor by rigging a plasma cannon to go off only when objects of certain dimensions, such as Nevis's battle-suit, pass in front of it.

While luring Nevis toward the trap, however, he is killed and partly eaten by the bat-like creature. Rica Dawnstar, in charge of the control room, uses reverse psychology to trick Nevis into meeting the walking web, which kills him. She then offers Tuf the chance to leave peacefully, but on his refusal, attempts to kill him with the psi -controlled T.

But Tuf has discovered Lion's plasma-cannon trap; he lures Dawnstar and the dinosaur into its line of fire, killing them. Tuf then takes control of the seedship as the only surviving claimant. Haviland Tuf takes his newly-acquired seedship, which he has named the Ark , to the world of S'uthlam an anagram for Malthus for extensive repairs. S'uthlam is a world on the verge of war with all of the nearby inhabited worlds, as it requires a constant flow of resources to the planet. This is due to the world's continuing population explosion, a result of the S'uthlamese religious belief that unfettered and unchecked human reproduction will one day lead to a world of gods.

The Reason Why God Wants You to Be Like a Little Child

This is in spite of evidence that this population explosion will lead, as it has many times in the past, to famine and S'uthlamese attempts at military conquest of adjoining star systems. Once the S'uthlamese become aware of the Ark and its capabilities, they want to seize it for themselves to use it as both a resource to wring higher caloric production from their star system's biology, and also as a powerful weapon of war. In an attempt to secure it, Portmaster Tolly Mune kidnaps one of Tuf's cats. She makes a bet with Tuf - if he will solve S'uthlam's impending famine, she will return his cat and give him monetary credits for the ship's repairs.

Part One: Visual Narratives

If he loses the bet, S'uthlam will keep the seedship. Tuf at first reasonably proposes that the S'uthlamese simply restrict their incontinent reproductive practices, but because the S'uthlamese fixation is fanatic, it is impervious to reason. They will not control their population growth, and thus drive obsessively into a suicidal future of starvation and war. Tuf works on the problem, and manages to find a solution whereby he uses the seedship's capabilities to provide exotic plants and animals which can yield sustenance for the population, thus staving off starvation for a period of time.

The Reason Why God Wants You to Be Like a Little Child

The authorities, with striking proof of the Ark' s capabilities, now begin scheming to bring it in their possession. Mune, disgusted with the politics of the situation, assists Tuf in escaping from S'uthlam, despite the fact that this places her in a precarious position. He informs her that he will return to pay off his debt. Tuf finds himself at Namor, an oceanic world where sea monsters are attacking the local population. As always, he offers to assist for a fee. Before diving into creating the creatures needed to battle the monsters, Tuf begins to study the planet in order to determine why the monsters are attacking the people of Namor.

However, during this study, the Namorians grow more desperate and impatient, especially as monsters able to walk on land begin to appear. Tuf's hand is forced, and he unleashes a barrage of other creatures to directly counteract the monsters. This strategy, initially successful, soon fails as the monsters gain resistance to these otherworldly creatures. Tuf goes back to work, and manages to find a solution. Through his psionically-enhanced cat, he discovers a previously-unsuspected sapient species native to Namor: the mudpots.

In the same way every corpse in the punishment ward blooms.

The Bone fuses with the plants and develops into an embryo bearing the Joestar birthmark. For his part, Anasui is approached by Guccio who wields Survivor and uses him as a trap against the sole remaining Stand user D an G. Having opted to escape the punishment ward from the eastern exit and reach the nearby swamp, Jolyne , Anasui and F.

However the embryo which was in their possession is swallowed by the automatic Stand Yo-Yo Ma. Unable to hurt him, F. Jolyne and Anasui are pursued by the prison guards and have to hide in the swamp. Jolyne realizes that she is slowly being melted by Yo-Yo Ma but she cannot communicate properly and is incapacited. At the same time F.

While Anasui has successfully neutralized Yo-Yo Ma by fusing his brain with that of a frog, Pucci celebrates the soon to be born Embryo, but sees that F. The narration explains that F.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven OST - Approaching Shadow (ev14)

While F. Coincidentally the Green Baby gets interested in Jolyne and his power disappears, growing Jolyne and Anasui back to a normal height. Almost dead, F. Whitesnake loses F. The four of them meet, but Weather Report was in fact Whitesnake in disguise. Whitesnake heavily wounds F. Pucci reveals himself and approaches the Baby. However Jolyne cuffs him to herself. A brutal close quarter fight ensues. In a flashback, DIO gives Pucci one of his finger bones.

Jolyne gains the upper hand in the fight, but Pucci throws Jotaro 's Memory Disk into the dying Anasui , threatening the Disk to disappear forever. Jolyne opts to try helping Anasui to get the Disk, and Pucci approaches the Green Baby , telling him the word long secret password which causes the Baby to touch Pucci and fuse with him. Jolyne cannot help Anasui, but he is saved when F. A transformed Pucci leaves the prison, having no use for it anymore. DIO 's entire plan is revealed, most importantly that Pucci needs to head for the location with the coordinates North latitude 28 degrees 24 minutes, West longitude 80 degrees, 36 minutes.

However Emporio says that escape is impossible because of the true guardian of Green Dolphin Street who can make escape impossible even for Stand Users.

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  3. Catching Shadows;

Jolyne attacks Miu Miu but suddenly finds herself in her cell. Meanwhile Emporio was also caught and is also trapped in his room, unable to remember how to escape. Jolyne manages to reach the ghost room, but they are caught up by Miu Miu. When Jolyne is given a picture in binary of Miu Miu, Jolyne manages to defeat her and use her to neutralize the guards.

Several strange phenomenons happen around Pucci , who is startled and unsure of what's happening.

Two thirds of the way home to more history.

Jolyne , Ermes , and Emporio escape from prison and carry on their hunt for Pucci. Though her primary objective is achieved, justice and vengeance spurn Jolyne's chase for Pucci. Pucci is brought by a series of coincidences near a hospital. He is taken hostage by Ungalo but Pucci tells him to awaken his power.